10 hidden places in Sydney

places in Sydney

 If you are travelling to Australia, Sydney is a must go. Once you have seen the Opera House, Darling Harbour and Hyde Park, why not go to a place where the locals go? Check out these “hidden” places in Sydney.


1. Shady Pines Saloon

shady pines

From the outside, you have no clue this place could be such a warm and dynamic bar! Once you walk into the Western American themed bar, you will experience a country vibe like you’ve never experienced before!

2. Prince Alfred Park

prince alfred park

Very close to Central station, Prince Alfred Park is the ideal place for a morning run. You can also enjoy the heated outdoor swimming pool!

3. Angel Place

angel place

Right in the middle of Sydney CBD, in the corner of Ash Street, you will find an oddly amazing street where 120 bird cages hanged.

4. Balmoral Beach

balmoral beach

Need to chill out on a sunny afternoon? Just head down to Mosman and enjoy this peaceful and discrete beach.

5. Enmore theater

enmore theater

Located in Newtown, this theatre has an outstanding room with an amazing acoustic. It has hosted some amazing artists (The Rolling Stones, Coldplay or the Arctic Monkeys…)

6. Observatory Hill Park

observatory hill park

Less known than the Botanic Gardens or Hyde Park, this park offers a stunning view of Sydney. You should pop over there on a sunny afternoon to enjoy Sydney’s magnificent sunset!

7. Uncle Ming’s


This bar inspired from the Ming Dynasty era offers a wide variety of whiskeys. This unusual atmosphere will surprise you and will give you an unique experience.

8. Chinatown laneways

chinatown laneways

Walking through the heart of China Town, don’t hesitate to sneak into the alley ways where you will be amazed to see the very creative art-deco. If you have the opportunity to go to Kimber Lane, you will see the beautiful art work by Jason Wing.

9. Little Bay Beach


It is one of Sydney’s hidden gems. A nice beach to go to in Sydney on a sunny day would be Little Bay Beach. It is also a very popular place for snorkeling.

10. The Gretz

the gretz

Feeling like a cocktail with an oyster? Head down to another Sydney’s hidden bar in Enmore and get an unusual drink with seafood.


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