5 reasons for International Talents to come to Australia


There is no denying that Australia is known worldwide as a land of opportunity. Over the years, the country has demonstrated such a dynamism with its rapid and continuous growth that talents from all ages and backgrounds are rushing to its gates to gain a place in the Australian sun. With Australia being the 4th country to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership, more and more entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses will be attracted to settle Down Under. Here are 5 reasons why they are obviously right.


1. Australia is reputed for its highly educated workforce. Indeed, Australia attaches great importance to the quality of its education system and to the education level of people wishing to work and live within its borders. The result is a workforce equipped with all the skills necessary to face the world of work, as shown in the secondary and tertiary education enrolment rates, student mobility and ready availability of skilled labour and finance skills. Australia was ranked 3rd in Secondary Education Enrollment Rate in the WED Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017. 


2. More than 40 per cent of Australian workers on average hold a tertiary qualification. Over half the workforce in education and training, professional, scientific and technical services, and financial and insurance services has a tertiary education, underpinning Australia’s global competitiveness in these sectors. 


3.  A diversified labor force, oriented mainly towards the services industry, makes Australia very attractive for people who hold tertiary qualifications. The diversity of the employment sector itself is enough to gain new talents, as shown in this graphic from the Australian bureau of Statistics.




4.  An impressive labour productivity growth. The country has experienced an 8.4 per cent increase in average labour productivity between 2010 and 2016, while real unit labour costs have risen by only 1.5 per cent. As a result, the labour productivity growth exceeded growth in real wages, which motivates the best workers to be even more efficient. 


5.  A multicultural population, reflected in the composition of the workforce. Year after year, Australia is becoming more and more multicultural. The proportion of Australians born overseas continues to rise as more and more skilled migrants flock to Australia’s shores, providing access to workers who are well equipped with the cultural understanding and language capabilities to service international businesses in their own languages. Almost 30 per cent of Australia’s 12.6 million-strong labour force was born overseas. Many foreign-born workers are from Asia or Europe, enriching Australia’s reputation for multilingual, culturally diverse workplaces and boosting the nation’s competitive edge in international business. 


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