Our 5 tips to stay motivated and productive while working from home


The   dreaded   COVID-19  pandemic   has   shut   down   many   workplaces   and many employees around the globe have been asked to work from their homes.   Working   from   home   can   be   great—it   allows   for   increased flexibility, cuts out commute time and costs, and provides us with more control over our own workdays. On the contrary, working without the built-in   discipline   of   the   office   for   the   first   time   is   tough   and   can   throw   up challenges around productivity, alignment, and communication.

We caught up with our recent international and Australian recruits to see how they were doing and how they were coping with the sudden change and working from home.


A few of them said they found it enjoyable and easy to adjust to the new way of operating and they feel that they are more productive when working from home, while the majority said they were   having   issues   with   adjusting   and   getting   into   their   usual   work groove. Those struggling with the transition to working from home said the sudden change threw them off their stride and it took them a couple of days to a week to adjust and really kick into gear because most of them were used to attending classes physically and going to the office rather than working virtually. They also mentioned that their homes were not setup   to   support   working   from   home   and   their   overall   performance   stats have taken a hit ever since they started working from home.


If you are one of the many people that are currently working from home and you are finding it hard to keep motivated and remain productive, here are some tips to help you remain motivated and increase your overall productivity.


  • Choose a Dedicated Workspace 

Carve   out   some   uncluttered space for yourself away from distractions to set up your computer and anything else you need to do your work. Avoid sitting in your bed or in front of the television because it is unlikely that you will be very productive. Having a dedicated workspace at home helps you create an office ambiance and it helps you get into the right frame of mind.

  • Make a Schedule 

Plan out your daily schedule ahead of time and organise your day just like you would in the office. If you set out clear   objectives   for   the   day   ahead,   you   are   more   likely   to   stay focused   and   avoid   hopping   from   one   project   to   another.   This   will keep you on track with your workload and help you achieve your deadlines. To help you keep track of your work, you can write things down or   use   productivity   apps   like   Trello   to   keep   you   organized around priorities.

  • Stick to your routines

When working from home, there can often be little motivation to get up at a reasonable time and start work early.   Get   up   early   to   shower   and   get   dressed   as   though   you’re going to the office, make your morning cup of coffee or whatever morning ritual you need to do to get ready for work. Waking up early to get ready for the day like you are going to the office will get you in the right mindset and routine that encourages productivity.

  • Use Technology to Stay Connected 

It   can   be   easy   to   feel alienated   and   disconnected   from   what’s   going   on   in   the   business when   you   work   from   home.   This   can   take   a   toll   on   the   existing communication and working relationships; therefore, it is important to check in with your colleagues and interact with others virtually to stay in the loop and maintain relationships. Now more than ever when most employees are self-isolating, it is important to stay connected and an easier way to do this is through leveraging on virtual tools and apps such as Slack, Zoom, GoogleHangouts or Skype to check in with co-workers.

At   Australiance,   we   have   daily   catchup   meetings   each   morning where we check on each other and share what we’re working on for the day. It helps keep everyone connected with and reminds us of how our work is contributing to the big picture.

  • Remember to Log Off!

With no colleagues around to keep you aware of the time, it is easy to fall into the trap of overworking once you get into your workflow and this could lead to burning out which in   turn   affects   your   motivation   and   productivity   in   the   long   run.Therefore,   it   is   important   that you   schedule your   work   and   time effectively and pick a definitive finishing time each day and stick toit. Allow yourself to have downtime to create a work-life balance and mentally close the door on your work.


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