Australia and Immigration: 10 Facts You Should Know

With the movement of people across borders being at the forefront of global politics, we decided to take a factual look at Australia’s relationship with immigration.


Without question, a long history of immigration has paved the way for the solid economic standing and rich cultural diversity Australia enjoys today.


Below are 10 facts you should know about Australia and immigration.

1. The first people to migrate to Australia arrived between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago. These people became Australia’s Aborigines—their culture is one of the oldest on Earth!

2.  In 1788, the British came to Australia to set up a penal colony because the prisons in England were too full. Before long, free settlers began to embark on the long voyage from Great Britain to Australia in search of a better life.

 3. Australia was multicultural from the start! Among the first arrivals were people from Germany, Norway, France, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

 4. More than 28% of Australia’s current citizenship was born overseas.

 5. For the years 2016-2017, India (21.2%) accounted for most migrants, followed by China (15.4%), and then the United Kingdom (9.3%).

 6. People arriving via the “skill stream” account for roughly 70% of Australia’s migrant intake.

 7. Australia’s resilience during the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) has been partly attributed to the
positive effects of immigration in that time.

 8. By 2050, it is projected that migrants will be contributing $1.6 trillion to Australia’s GDP.

 9. Migration is expected to add 14 million  people to the Australian population by 2050, accounting for 37% of the nation’s population growth during that period.

 10. There were over 300 different languages and dialects being spoken in Australia as of 2016.


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    The pointers that you had mentioned are really very true. I followed most of the above pointers when I was moving from Auckland to Burwood. Thanks for sharing these tips & keep writing to let us know more about immigration to Australia.

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