1st episod – New WebseriOz#1 – Presentation of our Tax Expert

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We are happy to present the first episod of our first WebseriOz regarding the Australian business system.

This first WebseriOz gives you explanation, advice and tips about the Australian tax system. Mike Kalyaniwala, our tax expert from Calyian Associates, answers to Leo Denes, the Founder and CEO of Australiance. Learn about ABN, GST, dealing with taxes as an entrepreneur, a business owner, an expatriate, an employee…

Be aware of how to register to TFN, ABN, ASIC, ACN, run your own business and deal with taxes as a contractor or a self-employed, understand when and how you need to take care of refunding your taxes.

And understand everything about capital gains, Deduction, Offsets, tax withholding , tax rates, tax brackets and  tax return.
This first episod presents Mike and his background. How Calyian Associates has been created? How do they work? Which are their values? How does he want to demystify the Australian tax and legal system?


Watch the video now!

Discover our speakers’ s profiles Leo Denes and Mike Kalyaniwala

Next episod coming soon!

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