Australia’s Top 3 Inspiring Migrants

Australia's Top 3 Inspiring Migrants


Some of Australia’s most successful business people were born overseas. Their success, often despite immense hardship, proves how Australia truly is a land of opportunity no matter where you come from. Below are the stories of Australia’s top 3 inspiring migrants.


1. Sir Frank Lowy

From Holocaust survivor to knighted billionaire, there are few stories more inspiring than Lowy’s. Lowy was born into the turbulence of 1930s Europe, and he and his mother were forced to live in a Hungarian ghetto during World War 2. His father was murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp. In 1946 Lowy boarded a ship bound for what was to become the state of Israel. There he fought in an insurgency against the British rulers before making the long voyage to Australia in 1952. In partnership with a fellow Holocaust survivor, Lowy opened a small delicatessen in 1955. Following its success, Lowy then created the Westfield Development Corporation with the opening of a shopping centre in Sydney’s western suburbs, a company which grew to have a presence globally. Lowy has since served as a Director of the Reserve Bank of Australia and been knighted by the Queen. His net worth is estimated at $8.42B. 


2. Bing Lee

Today, the name Bing Lee is known in households all over Australia as one of the country’s leading suppliers of home electronics. But not many people know the incredible story of the man after whom the business was named. Bing Lee was born in China in 1906, and made the difficult decision to move to Australia in search of business opportunities in 1937. Finding employment in Sydney’s western suburbs, Lee planned to return to his wife and children in China with his newly made money, but the outbreak of World War 2 prevented him from doing so. When the War ended, Lee’s family joined him in Australia after being apart for 10 years. Lee converted his fruit shop into an electrical repair shop and never looked back. Bing Lee is now a third-generation family business and continues to be an iconic name Australia-wide, with an annual turnover exceeding $300M. 


3. Harry Triguboff

Born to Russian refugee parents in 1933, few would have anticipated Triguboff’s rise to become Australia’s second richest person. Arriving in the late 1940’s, Triguboff studied at Sydney’s Scots college before venturing overseas for university. When he returned in 1960, he tried his luck at a variety of professions—owning a milk round, running a taxi service and assisting a university lecturer to name a few. It wasn’t until Triguboff got involved in the property game that he really began to make a name for himself. From a few small developments in the 1960s, Triguboff grew a property empire that is now Australia’s largest. As of 2018, his net worth is estimated at $12.77B.


We hope that you found these migrant stories inspiring—we certainly did! They are examples that anything is possible in Australia. What are you waiting for? Realise your Australian dream today!


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