B2B Rocks 2019 Awards Competition

On Thursday 6 June 2019, Lendlease HQ in Barangaroo welcomed the fourth edition of B2B Rocks in Australia. In addition to the conference, attendees could also take part in the final stage of the B2B Rocks startup competition.

34 out of 75 startups submitted their candidacy to the B2B Rocks startup awards and went through an online evaluation. Of those 34 startups, 24 were early stage startups and 10 were scaleups.

After the online evaluation, 5 early stage startups and 5 scaleups were shortlisted and invited to pitch at B2B Rocks in front of a jury composed of 4 judges.

The Early Stage were chaired by Dave Gardiner from Carthona Capital, who was also a judge and the 3 others were Andrey Shirben, founding partner at Follow The Seed; David Smith, Manager at Wework Labs and Alexandre Clunies-Ross, VC analyst at Artesian Venture.

The startups were evaluated according to 5 main criteria: the product, the market impact and proposition effectiveness, the strategy, the strength of the team and the overall investment decision.

The first 5 startups to pitch were the early stage startups:

–      Triiyo was created in 2018 and is based in Sydney. It is an industry-first, customisable platform that transforms parental leave for organisations and enhances the experience for employees. Triiyo provides an industry-leading process that underpins existing policy and mitigates risk, making parental leave practices a key differentiator to their competitors. She won the International Business Accelerator prize : Two tickets to the next Expand Your Vision workshop on 18 July, valued $1540.

–     The Health Trust is based in Sydney. It is a user-friendly and convenient online platform for patients and GPs to access expert second opinions. Patients are able to seamlessly upload their health information and medical query online through a secure digital portal. Their offer a digital health solution that avoids lengthy referral and appointment times, reduces system-wide inefficiencies, and takes the stress and anxiety out of a new diagnosis or treatment decision. The Health Trust won the YBF Ventures prize: two sponsored desks for three consecutive months at Melbourne’s top startup hub for tech and innovation.

–      LEAP4WARD specialises in digital rehabilitation programs. The programs combine eLearning with video counselling. There is a growing body of evidence that targeting maladaptive thoughts and behaviours when treating disability has better outcomes than the traditional medical model. Their program builds and improves on this approach through the online platform which provides daily support to help people move forward and re-engage with their life roles. LEAP4WARD won the OVH prize:  an infrastructure budget of up to $10,000, dedicated technical support, and media visibility.

–      Teach Ted was created in 2012 and is based in Sydney. The Co-founders knew that the children’s hospitals had some great tools so they decided to use tech to democratise access to them and, leveraging their previous professional experiences, Ted came to life. They are developing an interactive app and book series which reduce anxiety for children going to hospital or undergoing medical treatment and their families. Teach Ted won the Stripe prize:50,000$ of volume waived of Stripe fees.

–      Hyra IQ was created in 2017 and is based in Brisbane. It automates high volume high value contract negotiation using artificial intelligence. The platform creates “scalable legal services” – unlocking corporate knowledge allowing rapid completion of contract negotiations, consistently, at pace & scale. With granular, real time visibility across portfolio, people and geography, legal is transformed from a “black box” to a source of strength that empowers business decisions.

The Scaleups were chaired by David Wiadrowski, who was a judge with Damian Fox, investment director at Carthona Capital; Nick Gainsley, principal at One Ventures and Janya Eighani, partner at Lehman Walsh Lawyers.

The 5 scaleups to pitch were :

–      Bricks+Agents was created in December 2016 and is based in Melbourne and Sydney but also in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is a cloud based solution delivering value to all stakeholders in the property maintenance space and was built to ensure property maintenance tasks could be handled with ease specifically for property + facilities management. Property + Facilities managers, service providers, property owners + tenants are all connected to the same ecosystem to ensure maintenance tasks are handled with the principles of mobility, transparency + visibility. Bricks+Agent won the Directional prize: $4,000 of advisory work.

–      Intensive Care at Home was created in 2011. It provides a genuine alternative to a long-term stay in Intensive Care, by sending ICU/PICU nurses into the home for long-term ventilated adults and children as well as otherwise medically complex Patients in need of intensive care. This improves quality of life and/or quality of end of life for Patients and their families and it reduces the cost of an intensive care bed by 50%. Intensive Care at Home won the Australiance prize: a speaking spot at Startup&Angels and a $5,000 voucher for a permanent position recruitment.

–      Block Ledger was created in 2018 and is based in Melbourne. It is a fintech start up company that aim to build up an efficient software system for accountants, auditors and businesses in order to reduce fraud, save their time, increase their profit margin and reduce their operational costs. Currently, their business has taken the concept of a decentralised and distributed ledger and applied it to the accounting and auditing industry. Block Ledger won the Lehman Walsh prize: a $1000 gift card towards the winners’ legal services.

–      Mainframe Cloud was created in 2015 and is based in Sydney. It is a data middleware solution that specialises in unlocking ‘hard to get’ data trapped in legacy systems.  Mainframe Cloud offers a web service end point that allows organisations to connect to several mainframe data sources via REST API. This approach eliminates data latency and negates the cost of physically copying and pasting the data into data warehouse.  Removing roadblocks from legacy data sources and making it available in a modern format allows it to be used across business units for a range of digital transformation initiatives. Mainframe Cloud won one of the International Business Accelerator prize: a Rising Star Scholarship at the International Business Accelerator worth of $4,000.

–      Veyor was created in 2017 and is based in Sydney. Veyor is delivering significant productivity benefits to the construction industry through digitisation of core coordination and materials handling processes. It is the first tailored software in the market to engage with the broad construction workforce, including the subcontractors and supply chain as well as capture all material and site asset movements. It therefore generates an extremely rich project data set which leads to valuable project insights.

After deliberation, Richard Fifita and Mark Howard from Veyor won the scaleup competition and were awarded the Dell prize, a $10,000 Tech Upgrade for their Business from Dell and Intel.

As for the early stage competition, the winner was Alastair Blenkin from Hyra IQ. He received the Black Nova Group prize, $50.000 worth of services including workshops, go-to-market sessions and services credit.

In addition of the prices they both won a coffee machine, thanks to our partner Nespresso !

All the other startups were granted different prizes from Stripe, Australiance, Lehman Walsh Lawyers, International Business Accelerator, YBF Ventures, OVH and Directional.

Congratulations and thank you all for participating in this competition, either by pitching or judging, and thank you to all our startup awards partners for granting prizes to the startups!

You want to join the competition next year ? Apply here and stay tuned for the next edition!

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