Emerging technology trends in Europe and APAC

During the COVID-19 pandemic, technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional in a time of lockdowns and quarantines. And these technologies may have a long-lasting impact beyond COVID-19.

Webcasting Software, contactless payments, datacenters, telehealth… What are those companies that have been accelerated by the pandemic? What is the growth potential of these markets? Which are the strategies considered by the players to keep growing in the future? What are the opportunities and challenges that may emerge in the years to come?

To answer these essential questions we received 5 leading experts from these companies to openly share key insights. You’ll find in this article the key takeaways from the discussion.



✽ Cyber-security can no longer be considered as optional

Remote working has become a standard like never before and companies have implemented new tools really quickly to maintain the business continuity. However, quick choices can sometimes be detrimental to both digital security and strategic autonomy

Before using these new trendy technologies, make sure to determine:

  • How sensitive is the data that needs to be stored?
  • What legal regulations apply to your conversations, strategic meetings, financial statements, investment plans, personal data?
  • Do we want overseas authorities to be able to read and analyse this data?

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✽ Digital services growth is only possible with the Infrastructure growth 

The transition to e-commerce in Australia – and any other part of the world – is breaking records. With the current situation company are struggling with the delivery their products and can’t deliver their promise to customers.

Same goes with digital services, which are based on physical infrastructure (networks, servers) that need to be built and maintained.

For instance, Livestorm – Webcasting Software – has seen the revenue of its business triple in 2 months. As they’re one of the happy fews, they also needed urgently to scale up their company: growing their infrastructure, their team, etc. These new processes, can be a huge challenge for a young business.


✽ Having a flexible and cloud based infrastructure is essential

As the pandemic started growing, some companies were taken by surprise when the lockdown happened:  telephony system to their desk, server not cloud based, etc. They realized it’s now possible to replace all of these infrastructures by an app and access the same level of services.

Those who were not used to work remotely, had struggled to adjust to working remotely and had no other choice than to move to that kind of tools. 

In the future, having agile infrastructure will definitely be a great asset to face that kind of situation.


✽ A growing demand for B2B communication platforms 

Now more than event, B2B workflows/automation platform are to the front of thee stage. As they allow company to be more flexible, it’s not only about providing a cloud based system.

Nowadays, companies need to be providing softwares which are intuitive, user friendly and reliable. In this space, with everyone working from home, we see a huge trend in making sure all employee can easily use these softwares.

According to our experts B2B has always been a behind in terms of providing good user experience. In the B2C space, applications such as Uber, Airbnb have been working on ux and us for many years.


✽ 3 trends to keep in mind

Automation & robotics in supply chain. The sector has been completely disrupted. With borders closed, people move back onshore, instead of moving off shore. Companies tends to hire less people in the manufacture and call for more automated processes.

Another key observation is the rise in Telehealth, which has increased exponentially for the past months. People don’t want to get exposed to the virus and are looking for online doctors, prescription deliveries.

Delivery sector: a lot of innovation. The taxi industry is the perfect example as they did a huge flip to pivot by delivering grocery, medication, anything that avoid people going to the shop.


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