6 things you need to do when you arrive in Australia

You just arrived or you arrive in Australia very soon and you are wondering the first things you need to do as soon as you make your first steps in this country. Here is a quick list that will guide you.

1. Have an Australian phone number

As soon as you arrive at the airport, the best thing for you would be to get your Australian phone number. Optus has the best quality/price ratio. There are other big phone operators such as Vodafone or Telstra. In most cases, you will have a prepaid card that you will recharge the amount you want each month that will give you advantages. It takes 5 minutes to buy your prepaid card at the airport.

2. Open your bank account

If you haven’t opened it yet, it is not too late, and important for you to open one, because it avoids all the money transfers where you lose money. At Australiance, we trust Commonwealth Bank, the largest bank in Australia to accompany you during your entire stay in Australia.
The opening of a bank account is free, just click here.

You can also check OZ Forex’s solution to manage your money transfers.

3. Buy your Transport card

You probably will have to take more than once public transports. In order to have reduced price, you must have a Transport card. In Sydney, your Opal card is free and you can find it at any convenient store or train station. You can put any amount of money on this card, and then you just have to “tap on” and “tap off” every time you take public transports. But careful: the price depends on the distance travelled, so don’t forget to “tap off” or you may have an unpleasant surprise. In Melbourne, your Myki Card will be your best friend to go around the city. You can find and recharge it in many convenient stores and all train stations too.

4. Ask for your TFN

It can take up to a month to receive your Tax File Number, so as soon as you have an address in Australia, you can ask for your TFN, which is essential to work in Australia. If you want more information on your TFN, have a look at our guide that explains how useful a TFN is and why you should get one quickly. As soon as you receive your TFN you can also apply for an ABN. You can get more info here.

5. Find your accommodation

If you haven’t found your accommodation yet, the best thing for you is to stay in an Airbnb, hostel or hotel for a few days to find one. At Australiance, we trust Furnished Property in Sydney to help you find your dream accommodation in a comfortable place near Universities and Public transports, which will perfectly fit the needs of students and young professionals. Furnished Property offers a range of stunning fully furnished accommodation options in Sydney. Its accommodations are exceptionally varied: whether you are travelling, studying or on a working holiday, you’ll always find the perfect accommodation. Check their offers here.

6. Take the RSA test

RSA means Responsible Service of Alcohol. You must have the RSA to work in bars and restaurants. The sooner you get it, the sooner you can work, so take your chance. If you want to pass the RSA in Sydney, just contact us we will find the right course for you.

If you have any other questions to prepare you’re coming to Australia, on how to find work in Australia, etc. don’t hesitate to contact us!
Have a nice and safe stay Down Under!


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