Food in Australia

Food in Australia

Summary :
1. Barbecue
2. Damper
3. Anzac Biscuits
4. Pavlova
5. Lamingtons
6. Peach Melba
7. Meat pie
8. Vegemite
9. Fairy bread
10. Australian wines

1. Barbecue (beef, kangaroo, chicken…)

The barbecue (aka BBQ or “barby”) isn’t only a way to cook meat; in Australia, it is more like a celebration or even a religion ! It is an opportunity to gather family and friends for a nice meal in your garden or in a park. (Many public parks and beaches have free access Barbecues).

Although traditional barbecue is generally made with lamb chops, sausages, brochettes and steaks, Australians are very keen on tasting international culinary specialties. So you may also see seafood BBQ, Kebab BBQ or spice chicken ones.  In the good butchers, you will find crocodiles’ sausages or kangaroo ones … Gustative changes guaranteed !

Babercue is so popular that Australia Day is considered, by many Australians, as a way to organize public barbecues and drink beers under a parasol !

Have a look at the “barbecue lesson” offered by an Australian for people whom newly moved in :




2. Damper

The Damper is a traditional Australian bread originally prepared by nomad shepherds whom often had only few ingredients during their long expeditions. Traditionally, it is cooked in campfire embers.

Today, many campers cook this bread during excursions in the Australian inner-country. This Australian typical meal is very easy to cook and requires few ingredients.

Learn in 3 minutes how to do a delicious damper by only using yeast flour, salt and water !




3. Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits are traditional biscuits originally prepared by soldiers’ wife for their husband during World War I, with non-perishable foodstuffs. Thus, those biscuits could be stocked for a long time and could survive the trip from Australia to Europe.

Today, big chains are selling those sweet coconut biscuits, which delights every Australian and NZ kids.

Learn how to make Anzac Biscuits with Louise Fulton Keats and her son Harry ! Apprenez à réaliser des Anza Biscuits avec Louise Fulton Keats et son fils Harry !




4. Pavlova

Crunchy and melting in mouth, this traditional Australian and NZ dessert is like a big meringue recovered by whip cream and fresh fruits. This typically Australian sweet desert, cooked for the first time in the 1920’s, is now tasted during celebrations, particularly during Christmas and New Year.

Learn how to cook the popular and delicious Pavlova with Donal Skehan !




5. The Lamingtons

This little squared cake with chocolate sauce and  coconut chips was invented in the late XIX century and has the name of Queensland’s Governor back then : Lord Lamington.

Many sorts of Lamingtons exist, among which you can find the one with raspberry coulis. This pastry is so popular in Australia that since 2006, the 21st of July is the National Lamington Day !

Learn in less than 5 minutes how to cook delicious lamingtons !


6. Melba Peach



The Melba Peach is a dessert created in England, by a French for an Australian girl ! The French cooker Auguste Escoffier created this dessert made with peach, ice-cream, vanilla syrup and raspberry coulis for the Australian Opera singer : Lady Nellie Melba, in the late XIX century, at Savoy Hotel in London. There are many variant of this summer dessert : in particular with red berries or with little cakes.

Learn how to cook the Melba Peach with Marmiton !





7. Meat pie

The Australian Meat Pie is a pie with meat (generally beef or chicken) that often come with tomato sauce. Australian and NZ people enjoy this Australian culinary specialty and can eat it at any hour of the day ! They often have some during cocktails or while watching sports tournaments.




8. Vegemite

Vegemite has been a real Australian icon since the middle of the XXest century. This bitter salty paste made with dried yeast is similar to the English Marmite. Although its taste and smell seems delicious for the Australian, it is not always the case for foreigners !




9. The Fairy bread

The Fairy bread is very popular and often eaten during birthday parties in Australia. It is made with triangle bread with butter and covered with colored spangles. How simple ! It was created in the 1920’s : the daughter of a Scottish man living in Sydney asked him for a “sandwich that the fairies would eat”. The fairy bread was born !

A 6-year old girl shows you how she creates fairy bread :




10. Australian wines

Thanks to its various wine-producing regions (such as the Hunter Valley or Margaret River) and thanks to it’s wine-making past (first grapevine where planted in 1788), Australia is becoming one of the most important actors on the global wine market. If you go to Australia, you’ll be able to discover this wonderful country by doing winetourism. Many wineries offer visits, tasting, lunch and diners in gastronomic restaurants and many other activities linked to wine.

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