How to find an internship in Australia

How to find an internship in Australia

 This guide will assist you apply for an internship in Australia.


1. Introduction

2. How to find an internship in Australia

3. Example of an Australian resume

4. Australian resume specificities

5. Make your resume stand out

6. Use LinkedIn

7. Where can I find a job?

8. The interview

9. Internship offers in our start-up network in Australia


1. Introduction

Unlike in many other countries, internships are not commonly used by Australian companies. Nevertheless, they recently began to hire a growing number of intern, even though the internships still represent a very small part of the Australian work opportunities. They are starting to realize that hiring an intern may have its perks…

Do not forget to clarify your intern status with an internship agreement that has to be signed by your school/university and the company that hired you.

The issue of the income is often problematic in Australia. Indeed, many Australian companies still don’t understand why a foreign student would like to do an internship in Australia. There is no legislation that forces the company to pay its interns like it is the case in France for example.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to tackle the issue of the income during your interview. If you already have a paid internship offer, feel free to tell them.

When you write to an Australian company, make sure to be specific. Indeed, the term “internship” is not well understood by all the Australian companies. Make it clear that you are looking for a X-month position that will allow you to put the theoretical knowledge you acquired during your studies into practice. You may refer to the term “working experience”.

2. How to find an internship in Australia?

The reason why some spontaneous applications are often efficient is that they have been well prepared: a flawless resume, a prepared interview and a strong level in English. Having a good knowledge of the Australian job market specificities can help you target appropriate companies.

Don’t give up if you don’t get any answers after a week or two. On average, you’ll have to wait 2 or 3 months before you receive a final answer from the company you applied to. You’ll have to follow up your applications at least once every two weeks.

Before you start applying, it is vital for you to have a resume that best suits the specific criteria of the Australian companies. The Australian companies have 3 major criteria when they choose to hire someone:

Some agencies can find an internship adapted to your profile for you. You only pay them if you are successful in the interview and get hired. Find your internship now!

3. Example of an Australian resume

example resume australia australiance

4. Australian resume specificities

Number of pages: the Australian employers want to learn the maximum they can about the candidates, which is why you must give them the more details possible about your former positions as well as the skills you developped. An Australian resume will be written in 2 to 3 pages.

Whether to put a photo or not in your resume is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Never put a photo in your resume.

You need to banish pure redaction. You need to be straightforward and, like your teachers told you so many times, use action verbs. Be concise and precise.

Don’t hesitate  to check our guide Resume and cover letter in Australia and contact us for a Resume coaching.

5. Make your resume stand out

Personalize your resume: “Work experience” and “Extracurricular” parts can easily make your resume stand out. Use it in your advantage by showing for example how you handle tricky situations.

You can highlight your associative experiences. These are experiences that are unusual and will draw companies’ attention: this will probably compensate the fact that some of you don’t have professional experience yet, which is perfectly normal and won’t handicap you to find an internship. Whether it’s an associative experience, volunteering, a humanitarian mission or sports, you always have this specific experience that is your added value and that you have to highlight.

6. Use LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn account. Unlike French, Australian people use LinkedIn a lot in their professional life. It’s an excellent tool that allows recruiters to know who the applicants are: they won’t hesitate to use it, which is why you have to make a flawless LinkedIn profile. Better have a great LinkedIn profile for your visibility and your credibility on the Australian job market. Indeed, LinkedIn is very popular in Australia, so having an outstanding LinkedIn profile can help you make the difference from other candidate. Australiance can help you improve your LinkedIn profile if needed.

Feel free to join your university LinkedIn group.

7. Where can I find a job?

Here are some free websites that post new work offers every day:

For more information on how to find work opportunities in Australia, register here.

8. The interview

Once your resume is complete and flawless, you will apply to many companies that you’d like to work for and won’t always have an immediate answer. If you didn’t hear back from the company, feel free to follow up one or two weeks later by sending your resume one more time as well as your cover letter. After some time, you’ll probably be interviewed. Here are some tips to prepare them.

– Learn the most about the company and if possible about your future interlocutor by using LinkedIn.

– Why did you choose this company in particular?

– Why did you apply for this position?

– Why did you choose Australia?

– Learn the most about Australia (capital city, exchange rate between the euro and the Australian dollar, politics and general economics…)

– Prepare open questions.

– Prepare a self-presentation in the foreign languages you can speak fluently.

– Take into account the jetlag for your Skype interviews.

– Smile and be positive about your past experiences and your failures.

– Suit up!

9. Internship offers in our start-up network in Australia

A. If you are looking for an internship and/or end-of-studies internship:

You’re an IT developer passionate about new technologies: we have different offers for 4 to 6 months contracts in dynamic Australian start-ups. Don’t hesitate to send us your resume if you can use one or more of the following computer languages: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Node.js, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Spring, Hibernate, Puppet, Chef, Ansible…

Australiance also has many contacts with Australian start-ups intending to recruit in other fields: business, marketing, sales, finance, accountability, logistics, law, hospitality, communication, journalism, human resources, etc.

B. If you are looking for a permanent contract:

Australiance is regularly contacted by Australian recruiters looking for junior and senior international profiles in various fields: business, marketing, sales, finance, accountability, logistics, law, hospitality, communication, journalism, human resources, etc.


In order to apply to one of our internship offers or our permanent contract, fill in our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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