iBubble – the 1st autonomous underwater drone – is coming to Australia

Australiance is thrilled to announce that the French Tech Notilo+ is now ready to launch iBubble.Camera in Australia and throughout the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, Australiance’s CEO, Leo Denes, will be acting as Interim APAC CEO to assist building Notilo+ operations and dealer networks in the region over the coming months.


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But what is iBubble, exactly? It’s the perfect tool for discovering marine life in ways that have never before been possible!


About iBubble – your personal underwater cameraman

iBubble is the world’s first autonomous underwater drone that follows you during your dives and captures beautiful footage, hands-free.


iBubble is autonomous, equipped with an intelligent tracking system as well as an obstacle avoidance system. Thanks to a remote, you can ask iBubble to follow you, other divers or even a shark or manta ray, all while capturing beautiful footage, hands-free.



iBubble can switch from the autonomous mode to the manual mode — if you need to take some pictures, for example. To do this, all that is required is the simple push of a button.

It is able to dive 60m deep and can move around you within a range of 25m.

With its wire option, iBubble becomes the best ROV on the market, allowing the user to perform hull inspections, anchor checks and explorations of the dive site, as well as much more — all from the comfort of the deck. 


Who is it for?

From scuba divers to free divers, to recreational snorkelers and spear fishers, everyone can enjoy iBubble!

Dive Centers can also use iBubble to provide first time divers with footage from their maiden dive, or rent iBubble to advanced divers as part of their live aboard package, for instance.

Yacht clubs and boat owners can use iBubble to perform essential boat maintenance.

The applications for the B2B version of iBubble.Camera (Seasam) are also endless — from marine diversity observation to underwater site maintenance, iBubble has truly opened up a new world of possibilities.


Keen to make the most of iBubble.Camera?

If you want to find out more about iBubble.Camera and how it can benefit you, feel free to contact our APAC team via email. If you want to set up your Australian project as successfully as iBubble, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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You can also visit the online shop: https://ibubble.camera/




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