Key Industries in Australia


Australia’s key industries include:

  1. The Financial Industry 
  2. The Business Consulting Industry 
  3. The Metals and Mining Industry 
  4. The Energy and Utilities Industry 
  5. The Healthcare Industry 



Over the years, Australia has been referred to as both the “Lucky Country” and the “Land of Plenty”—and while those who have adopted these affectionate monikers are likely using them with the country’s iconic landscapes and sun-blessed skies in mind, the same can also be said in regard to the nation’s economic climate. Indeed, a wealth of valuable natural resources and a close proximity to South Asia, the world’s fastest growing regional economy, has given Australia a solid economic foundation on which to build. Want to learn more about Australia’s economic future? Click here!


Listed below are several major Australian industries, which anyone looking to launch a business venture or job search in Australia should be familiar with. For any other information about finding a job in Australia, you should read:



1. The Financial Industry

Australia’s financial sector is dominated by the “Big Four”: Commonwealth Bank (CBA), Westpac (WBC), National Australia Bank (NAB) and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ). All four are ranked within the top 30 of the World’s Safest Banks as of November 2017, according to Global Finance (LINK SOURCE). Consequently, these institutions represent an incredibly valuable asset in a global banking environment that remains fragile. The financial industry continues to be the most significant contributor to the national economy, and is set to remain a key driver of economic growth into the future.


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2. The Business Consulting Industry 

Many global business consulting firms are now settled in Australia, and numerous other domestic agencies provide assistance and consulting advice to large and small companies. In the aftermath of the GFC, and with the global economic shift towards Asia, strategy and management agencies are of vital importance to any firm looking to expand.

According to the Financial Review, high demand from the public sector, and a strong desire among businesses to bolster their digital operations, has made the Australian consulting market the largest in the world relative to national income. Consulting firms in Australia can be grouped into 4 categories:

  • Strategy and General business consulting
  • Human Resource consulting
  • Information Technology consulting
  • Sustainability consulting

Global consulting agencies that have established themselves in Australia include: IBM, Oracle, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and McKinsey. There are also many domestically founded, top-tier consulting firms competing alongside these major transnational players, including: Nous Group, Pacific Strategy Partners and Port Jackson Partners. A number of smaller, local strategy-consulting firms assist small to medium-sized businesses.

As a local consulting agency, Australiance can provide you with coaching services that will ensure a smooth transition for your business or career move to Australia.


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3. The Metal and Mining industry

The metal and mining industry has long been a cornerstone of the Australian economy—many economists attribute the nation’s resilient weathering of the GFC in part to the mining boom—and the sector remains the largest by number of companies, with over 700 firms involved in mineral exploration, development and production across 100 countries. 

Types of Mining Industries:

  • Black Coal Mining
  • Brown Coal Mining
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Iron Ore Mining
  • Bauxite Mining
  • Copper Ore Mining
  • Gold Ore Mining
  • Mineral Sand Mining
  • Nickel Ore Mining
  • Uranium Mining 
  • Silver, Lead, Zinc Ore Mining
  • Manganese Ore Mineral Mining
  • Gravel, Sand Quarrying Mining.
  • Rock, Limestone, Clay Mining
  • Diamond, Gem Stone Mining
  • Salt Mining
  • Petroleum Exploration
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Mining Services

While the government has marked 2018 as the end of the mining boom of the past decade, the industry will continue to play an important role in Australia’s growing economy. 


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4. The Energy and Utility Industry

Australia has outstanding energy assets, being blessed with vast deposits of natural resources like coal, uranium, oil and natural gas. While government policy has tended to lag behind the public’s desire to see more of the nation powered by renewables, a “renewables boom” is still underway, leading to more jobs in the industry and increasing business opportunities.


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5. The Healthcare Industry 

The healthcare industry in Australia is the fourth biggest contributor to GDP, and was ranked as the second best in the developed world in a 2017 Commonwealth Fund report. Despite this, the nation is plagued by a shortage of nurses, particularly in regional areas. Consequently, nurses are in high demand across Australia. You can find out about the requirements of being a nurse in Australia here.


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