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The French magazine Only has published an article about Australiance and Leo Denes in its latest edition of the 1st semester of 2017.

Download the entire magazine and read the whole article (pages 86-87)


Drawn by the country’s wide-open spaces and open-mindedness, Léo Denes  chose Australia to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit. He is living a human  adventure, deeply rooted in the Australian identity, which is also one of the  reasons for its success.

6pm in Sydney (8 am in Lyon). Léo Denes is  about to finish his workday to go to a  summer party close  to the Harbour Bridge, opposite the Sydney Opera House. Nothing  predestined  this  Beçancon native, longtime Nancy resident and Lyon-lover to settle in the Australian economic capital, if it weren’t for his desire to see and do things differently.

His first love for Australia dates back to a university exchange in Melbourne, at the end of his  Master’s program at EMLYON. An experience  he repeated in his first job as consultant with  PricewaterhouseCoopers. “I immediately fell in love  with this country. It is a new country, with fresh mentalities and that makes you feel that everything is  possible. We also enjoy a real quality of life,” says Léo Denes, “which doesn’t mean it is always easy when  trying to figure out how things work when you arrive  without a network.”

In 2010 he decides to turn these challenges into  strength and even a project: creating a company  dedicated to support expatriates’ projects in Australia.  Initially, Australiance came out of the idea of accompanying French expatriates who wanted to settle in  Australia, but the initiative has meanwhile evolved  towards supporting businesses: Thanks to the  acquired knowledge of local networks and customs, we are in the process of developing two  major projects: supporting French businesses in setting up a presence in Australia,  for which we are a kind of incubator, and recruiting international talent for  major Australian companies”, explains Léo  Denes. What makes Australiance unique  is its generalist approach. It is a marketplace for professional  expatriation and for setting up business  in Australia by providing the expertise of  some thirty partners that can assist along  the entire value chain of the process of  setting up shop.


The dos and don’ts for an entrepreneur  in Sydney, according to Léo Denes


  • Innovate! Australia remains a small  market with only a few stakeholders per  sector. If you come up with a concept  that has already proven itself in other  geographical areas and you choose a good angle to enter the  market, it will be a guaranteed success!
  • Use the right local partner to analyze  your market position and introduce you  to your first customers.


  • Don’t cut down on your business plan:  the cost of living in Australia is high and  salaries in particular follow suit.
  • Do not delay applying for work visas for  non-Australian employees: it may take  you as much time as money…
  • Do not underestimate the logistical  aspect if you export products: Australia  is a country as well as a continent so  inquire about the cost!


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