More flexibility, Shift in mindset, local manufacturing // 100% feminine advice during Covid-19

As we can’t put on physical events right now, we’ll keep using the magic of internet to continue to bring our community together, to connect, learn and grow. Already our edition #3 and this 100% feminine panel discussion has been a great success!

This 100% feminine panel discussion was all about sharing some great insights with experts from all around APAC region. We all need help to better face this situation, that’s why it is important to share, compare, learn from the others and work hand-in-hand to overcome this crisis.

  • Nathalie TaquetCEO & Founder  @eBottli and  @Bottli
  • Cheryl Mack, National Head of Community & Comms @Stone & Chalk
  • Kim Teo, CEO & Founder @Mr Yum
  • Hannah Yan FieldPrincipal @Tempus Partners

Optimistic attitude and creativity: the keys to surpass the crisis.

✽ Today is the perfect occasion to be creative, to try new things. Anything is possible if you have the right attitude.
✽ In scared city come wild creativity, the ability to pivot and deliver solutions that no one would have never imagined.

✽ A lot of companies and government are finding innovative and original solutions to help populations. UK for instance, developed a free meal scheme: providing 1 free meal a day for kids with underprivileged background.

A shift in Millenials generation’s mindset.

✽ Our generation has not seen a recession before and can sometimes take things for granted. Basically, we think we can quit a job and find another one tomorrow. 
✽ Now that we’re all living these unprecedented times, that’s going to change.
✽ Hopefully, we’ll see more compassionate people, more willing to help their neighbours. 
A much better emphasis on domestic manufacturing
✽ This crisis has highlighted that there are gaps in the access to some goods, we can’t rely on importations to fill those gaps.
✽ Governments start to think that we shouldn’t outsource and perhaps bring manufacturing onshore for essential items. 
✽ Sweden and Switzerland can test every person in their country, why can’t we?

The main opportunity after this crisis: more flexibility!
✽ The idea that traditional mode requires to be seated in an office all day will be an archaic notion
✽ The quality of deliverables might be the only measure of our success, not time spent at work!

Question of the day: Are co-working spaces totally screwed?

(Spoiler alert, the answer is no!)
✽ For most coworking spaces, physical activity has been ceased but coworking spaces are much more than just a desk.
✽ It’s about connecting people to help them commercialize. And this can be done virtually!
✽ Example of Stone and Chalk’s portfolio : 50% of their residents haven’t seen such a big of an impact on their business, a smaller portion are pretty impacted and a very few have seen a positive impact.

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