Open my Australian bank account for free

by Westpac
  • Completely free for the 12 first months
  • Opening in 5 minutes clicking on “Open my account”
  • This WESTPAC bank account (Australia’s 1st bank) is made for Expats! Free withdrawal with some international banks, simplified international transfers…

Opening an Australian bank account before your departure allows you to save your time transferring your funds to your Australian account before your departure and avoid you all the administrative tasks. Besides, it’s free for expats. We have chosen Westpac for your bank accounts in Australia:

  • Westpac is Australia’s 1st bank, with more than 3,000 ATM across the country and 50,000 ATM available via their partners. You’ll be sure to find a Westpac ATM wherever you go!
  • Westpac’s mobile app is very convenient. You can check your savings and credit account at any time and make transfers in a couple of minutes!
  • Westpac has a partnership with French bank BNP Paribas and a lot of other international banks (Bank of America, Barclays, Deutsche Bank…). It allows BNP (and other banks) customers to be free from bank charges when withdrawing at an ATM. You can then make a cash deposit just after and enjoy free international transfers.

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