Personalised advice and answers for your plans in Australia (Skype/Sydney)

by Australiance
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  • 1.5 hour Skype call or face to face training in Sydney CBD
  • The comprehension of your project to give you details about the Australian job market
  • Personal review of your resume (structure, keywords, English…) so as to fit the Australian recruiter’s expectations
  • Job research tips and advice (LinkedIn profile, websites, interviews…) according to your field of activity
  • Australiance’s toolbox (Guide CV, Guide LinkedIn, Guide Interviews, list of the 2,000 biggest companies in Australia)
  • Introduction to professionals from similar field of activity

For  Experienced professional

For  Young professional

  • A$300
  • Australiance gives you insights about Australian job market

    If you are a professional looking for a job who wants to know everything about the Australian job market and be advised to find a job in Australia (how to write a resume, cover letter, interview tips…), the personalised coaching is the perfect offer.

    The 3 main obstacles that meet people looking for a job in Australia are the following:
    – The lack of local network
    – The lack of information about the Australian job market (salary, recruitment process…)
    – Or the language or visa issues

    We can help you cope with these issues with a 1.5 hour face to face coaching led by Leo Denes, founder and CEO of Australiance, consultant at Infosys Portland and Australian citizen. This is the perfect offer to kick off your Australian professional journey. Indeed, Leo has more than 12 years of professional experience (and more than 8 years in Australia) and a wide professional network based in Australia.

    You will have to fill in a form before the coaching to highlight your expectations and realisations.

    Thanks this coaching session you will:
    – Have a better knowledge of the Australian job market and its expectations
    – Have a clear action plan to optimize your job researches (websites, schedule of your job researches, and the form Goals/Realisations/Options/Next Steps filled in) according to your field of activity
    – Have a personal review of your resume/cover letter/LinkedIn profile (structure, keywords, English…) so as to fit the Australian recruiter’s expectations
    – Know how to access the hidden job market
    – Know how to identify and connect with recruiters in your industry
    – Know how to pitch yourself to recruiters
    – Have the Australiance’s toolbox (Guide CV, Guide LinkedIn, Guide Interviews, list of the 2,000 biggest companies in Australia)
    – Be introduced to professionals from similar field of activity
    – Benefit from a personal follow-up of your research during 2 months

    If you want to know more about Leo and how he can help you, visit his LinkedIn profile and read our testimonials.

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    1. The coaching session I had with Leo 6 month before I came to Australia, has been really useful for me. Leo answered to my questions regarding my job research and gave me many information about the general economy and the Australian job market, many pieces of advice to adapt my resume and my cover letter to the Australian standard, and lots of tools and tips to find an accommodation which has saved me lots of time !
      I came to Australia in 2014 and Leo is still coaching me, and introducing me as often as he can to people working in my field in order to find me a long term job in Agribusiness.
      Many thanks Leo for your help and advice.
      See you soon mate!

      5 out of 5
    2. The coaching session I recently did with Léo and Raphaelle has been really helpful for me. they give me all the tools I needed to improve my resume and my LinkedIn profile to Australian standard. It’s make me saved a lot of time. They also put me in contact with the people I needed. Thanks to them for their professionalism and their cordiality, It’s always good to have this kind of experience when you arrive in a new country.

      5 out of 5
    3. (verified owner)

      Very good session. Leo has a good mix of Australian business knowledge and a cultural intelligence that create sharp and focused coaching sessions. If you’re unsure about the Australian market or if/how you can fit in here, I recommend talking to the A-team.

      5 out of 5
    4. (verified owner)

      Really good network!

      5 out of 5

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