Damien – Launching his business in Australia

Damien – Launching his business in Australia

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Damien, after 10 years of experience as concierge in the best European luxury hotels, decided to challenge himself. Attracted by Australia, he arrived in Sydney in October 2016 to sell crepes on his bike. As soon as he arrived, he started working on his project, assisted by Leo, to conquer the most beautiful beaches of Sydney and its surroundings and become an unmissable figure of the East Coasts’ landscape.

Could you tell us more about yourself?

Damien: I am 30 years old, I come from Biarritz, THE place in France for rugby and surf lovers. In fact, i play football and tennis. I will be flying to Australia in fifteen days to set up my own mobile food business. in fact, cooking is not really my first passion, the most delicious meal I can prepare is maybe pasta. I will be living in Australia, the country where you can meet the most dangerous animals and where the sun beats down. In fact, a wasp can make me crazy and my nickname is “lobster”, sun is my best friend. The last three sentences represent very well what i am two weeks before flying: adventurous!

Could you tell us about your professional background?

Damien: I have been working for 10 years as a concierge in hotels in France, Monaco and Switzerland. I had to fulfill all the requests of the guests: from a simple reservation in a restaurant to the arrangement of a private night visit of Le Louvre for a celebrity. Nothing is impossible was my motto every day. I spent ten years arranging trip and itinerary for the clients, i now wish to do the same but for myself and enjoy life with simple things.

Why did you want to come to Australia?

Damien: “Life begins at the end of our comfort zone”… When I understood this sentence, Australia came first! I want to put myself in danger to see how I can live far away from home. When we think “adventure”, there is no better country than Australia.

How did Australiance help you to build your project? 

Damien: When the idea to move to Australia appears, you are a bit lost at home in front of your computer, trying to find a trustable person to give you the right advice. After few emails with the efficient team of Australiance, you seem to be in good hands. Then, the skype interview and the follow up with Australiance confirmed me that those persons are involved and willing to assist.

How do you see your professional and personal future?

Damien: This challenge will change me a lot, I will become a different person after that. I can’t really know how my future will be, this is the main reason i left my very comfortable life. I don’t wish a bigger car, a bigger watch, i just need to meet new people and discover a new way of life. I just take the wave and let’s see where i will be going! I am so excited to start my Australian dream.

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