Diane M.

Diane M.

Young professionals

Australiance Team: Why did you choose to settle down in Australia?

Diane: After my exchange program with Melbourne University, I couldn’t leave Australia. What I liked most about Melbourne was its arty and trendy style, its laneways, its coffee shops, bars and student parties. I then had to go back to France to finish my studies and came back to Australia as soon as I could.

A.T: What’s your best memory in Australia?

Diane: My best memory in Australia is my seaplane flight over the Great Bareer Reef. The landing on water and snorkelling were even more breathtaking.

A.T: Which bank did you choose when you arrived? And why?

Diane: Westpac because I’ve been advised to.

A.T: How did you find accommodation when you arrived? Which district of Sydney did you like the most?

Diane: I’ve always used Gumtree and Flatmate Finders but I believe that the most efficient way to find accommodation is word of mouth: ask a friend of a friend if he has heard about someone who is looking for a flatmate. You can use different Facebook groups as well.

I really like Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Paddington because they are close to my work office. Bondi and Manly are also nice if you want to live near the Ocean.

A.T: What was the first thing you did when you arrived in Australia? 

Diane: Sleep! Then I met friends of friends who were already here so as to meet new people. I used to walk in the city to discover and participate to different activities such as free walks or meetups.

A.T: How did Australiance help you in your project?

When I contacted Australiance, I already had my final round interview for a job in Australia. But Leo gave me precious advice in terms of health coverage and retirement as I didn’t know anything about Australian work contracts. He also introduced me to some people of his network which could be very useful later. I am therefore very satisfied.

A.T: At what stage of an expatriation project in Australia is Australiance’s team a major asset?

When you arrive in Australia, they can connect you to the French professional community and help you with problems like health insurance, bank…