Human Resources internship within Australiance – Laetitia & Clara

Human Resources internship within Australiance – Laetitia & Clara

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Meet Laetitia and Clara, our two interns from the Human Resources department, in other words the Talent Acquisition team at Australiance.

Laetitia and Clara are both students in one of the most prestigious business schools in France. It was as part of their 6-month internship search that their eyes laid on the great country of Australia. Thanks to their rigour, perseverance, organizational skills and sense of human interactions, they have been selected to join the Australiance team as International Talent Acquisition associates. After 6 months of challenges and learnings within our organization, they share the details of their professional journey. 

Dive into this quick Q&A interview to know exactly what it takes to be part of a Human Resources department and discover the reality of the job.



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And if the Human Resources spirit doesn’t flow through your veins, don’t worry, the A-team is full of resources! Check our other internal positions just here, and our other offers covering the entire Sydney area. 

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