Jonathan M. – Founder of Mondoz

Jonathan M. – Founder of Mondoz

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Jonathan is a Management Consultant based in Perth with a background in process improvement. He graduated from an IT engineering school in France and since his arrival in 2010 in Australia, he has kept the goal of founding a startup in the IT space. Goal motivated by his strong interest for new technologies. 5 years after, Mondoz is born in Perth.

Australiance Team : What is your start up mission and “value add”?

Jonathan : With a business Partner we created Mondoz a platform that aims to:

  • Connect people to a variety of cultural cuisines they may have never tried before (eg. Turkish, Morrocan, Hungarian, Thai etc.)
  • Leave people the impression that they have just flown to that country and eaten an authentic cultural meal
  •  Give people a refreshing social and cultural experience at the dining table

If you want to try authentic food or know how to cook and want to make extra money, go to – the first users will receive 5% off!

AT : When and how have you started your business in Australia?

J: Interesting question as the idea emerged in September 2015 on the plane with a co-worker because we didn’t know what type of cuisine we should have for lunch the next day!

AT : What types of experts have you engaged in your entrepreneurial journey?

J: Working for a management consulting company helps a lot as we have all sorts of profiles we can leverage internally (SMEs – Subject Matter Experts). Externally, we are working with a law firm at the moment and are looking for a marketing/PR agency as well.

AT: Do you have 1 tip for an international entrepreneur willing to set up his business in Australia?

J: Networking, networking and networking. Just like every country, Australia is no exception. Some say that you should know people. For me it’s more about who knows you.

AT: What advice would you give to an international professional looking for employment opportunity in Australia in IT?

J: IT is very in demand in Australia, actually IT is in demand everywhere in the world. I know people with 2-3 years of experience in a specialized field from Europe who found a job within a month. My advice though would be to contact the companies directly from overseas to lower the risks.

AT: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

J: I like languages and trying new things. I’m currently learning Korean (I’m able to roughly read, write and speak). I’m also going through my recreational pilot certificate because I like to fly (in 18 months I will be up there by myself).

AT: As a #smartAustralianInsider, is there anything else you would like to share with our visitors? 

JT: I honestly do advise Australiance for coaching purposes. 4 years ago, I had coaching sessions when I was in Sydney and the team helped me to prepare for case study interviews… Today I work in consulting.

AT: Can you suggest “useful links”  for our Australian entrepreneurs toolbox?

I do hit the following websites every morning before work. Being aware of what is happening in the world help to thing big even if you have to start small.

The Wall Street Journal

Le Monde obviously!

AT : Thank you very much Jonathan!