Karine B. – Founder of Orama Recruitment

Karine B. – Founder of Orama Recruitment

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Karine is the Director of Orama Recruitment, a Sydney-based recruitment agency that she founded in May 2015. Graduated in 2003 from a Master in Science of Business Administration with a Major in HR Management, Karine started her professional life in Paris and spent most of her career in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Management. She built complete teams in Sales, Marketing & IT for large organisation as well as SMBs in Europe and Australia ; and now dedicates herself to bring her expertise and passion to start-up companies.

Australiance Team: Why have you decided to create your own business?

Karine: After working for various organisations, I wanted to feel that I was really making a difference in the industry while still being challenged and having fun in my job. Which is why I decided to create Orama Recruitment and work more closely with tech startups in Sydney.

I love the thrill of finding THE candidate! And knowing that recruiting the right people for these companies is absolutely crucial makes my job 10 times more interesting.

A.T: What are Orama Recruitment’s mission and “value add”?

Karine: At Orama Recruitment we like to do things differently and think outside the box. We are always looking at the big picture [“Orama”] and partner with our clients to meet their recruitment needs.

We focus on a tailored approach to recruitment, a strong customer service for both clients and candidates; and love to keep the fun in what we are doing!

Impossible is not in our vocabulary. We always like a new challenge!

Being a boutique agency we are able to offer more flexibility and spend real time understanding our clients’ need and build customised HR solutions for them.

A.T: What type of clients are you currently assisting?

Karine: We specialise in recruiting for tech startups in Australia. We are very enthusiastic about assisting these young companies in building their Tech team: we want to contribute to their success!

A.T: What is your best memory to date in your entrepreneurial journey?

Karine: The day I resigned from my well-payed job to start this adventure and the feeling of freedom going with it! 🙂

A.T: What are the top 3 qualities an entrepreneur should have according to you?

Karine: Resilience – Passion – Vision

A.T: Do you have 1 tip for an international entrepreneur willing to set up his business in Australia?

Karine: Get to know the Australian market first!

A.T: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Karine: I am passionate about travels and discovering new things! I also love water sports (no real surprise as why I chose to live in Sydney)!

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