How did Mika found an Internship with Australiance?

How did Mika found an Internship with Australiance?

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Mikael is a 25 year-old French business student who has been hired as a Business Development Manager at Urbankeyz in November 2015. His contract is an internship and he has been recruited by Australiance. 

Australiance Team: Hi Mikaël, can you tell us more about the recruitment process?

I first contacted Australiance for one of their job offers. They were in charge of the recruitment process of Urbankeyz.

I applied online on Australiance website and got an answer pretty quickly (2 days after that!) about my application.  I was shortlisted so I first got an interview with Australiance and then with Urbankeyz.

Australiance rapidly put me in contact with my (future) company, after the first recruitment phase. 

Overall, I had 3 job interviews, which can seem to be a lot for an internship but at least shows that the selection process is serious. The communication was smooth and I got the job within two weeks so that was great !


AT: What did you think about it?

That was great because after I got the job, Australiance was here to help me for all the relocation process! The visa, the bank account, how to find an accomodation here … which is obviously not easy when you leave at the other side of the Earth!

Moreover, Australiance’s online article are clear and concise. They enabled me to know what to expect in Australia.

They were really interactive and the communication was easy and very efficient! My questions were mostly answered within 24 hours.


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