Sylvain Mansotte’s testimonial – The Story of Whispli

Sylvain Mansotte’s testimonial – The Story of Whispli

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For the 13th edition of Startup&Angels, where he addressed about 70 guests, we went to meet our old friend Sylvain Mansotte, CEO and co-founder of Whispli. But what exactly is Whispli and how is it related to Australiance ?

Whispli is the world’s first independent, self-served, anonymous two-way, responsive communication platform between organizations and their employees that guarantees and facilitates safe whistleblowing.
Whispli opens and secures the flow of information between people with sensitive information and the organisations which need it (businesses, schools, …).

“We want to enable people to speak up safely, and organizations to have more transparency and visibility across their operations” 

Mr Mansotte said to us to sum up the purpose of Whispli.


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After winning many Innovation Awards, the whistleblower company  has now raised almost $2,8 million from eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s UP2398 fund, as informed in the Australian Financial Review. And the company does not intend to stop there. They built offices in Boston and took part in renowned accelerator program Y Combinator, even if Whispli remains headquartered in Sydney.

Indeed, the core activity of the startup remains in Sydney, where Sylvain Mansotte’s journey began, with Australiance as a partner, even before Whispli was born and still lasts. Today, Australiance is proud to offer its international recruitment services to Whispli, for them to hire interns and permanent positions “not only in Australia but also in other geographics”, reason why there is now such a “strong partnership” between both companies.


“For me, having Australiance and its network to tap into a pool of talents is really important” 

“For us it’s definitely a teamwork with people that understand our requirements […] and the skills that we are looking for Whispli.”



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