Tools to manage your financial obligations in Australia

When moving abroad, there’s a lot to think of – all of a sudden and to juggle those jobs can be a real drama. Just like you would expect in your normal routine at home, it’s important to keep an eye on your financial well-being and be aware of the best options to keep your financial obligations in control.

Often we don’t think about opening a bank account until you actually arrive at your destination, mostly because it’s not well known that opening a bank account in your new destination is possible.

Thankfully for those people lucky enough to be relocating to Australia – the Commonwealth Bank of Australia offers bank account services that can be pre-opened up to three months before travelling. When moving to Australia the online services is an amazing wealth of information and is full of tips and practical advice for getting you all sorted with your finances before the move. 


You’ll find in this blog post some great tips from the Commonwealth Bank to help you settle in financially once you have arrived.


This is a plug and play calculator that can be updated with your own anticipated figures for income and expenses, and will auto evaluate your tax and Medicare levy’s’. The calculator produces a very accurate depiction of the various expense categories which can be displayed in a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual graph. Keep an eye on your expenses and save money to travel this beautiful country!

Another really great reminder of the various jobs you need to tick off to make your move to Australia hassle-free and thorough.  The checklist is a great reference point for all items immigration, employment, insurance, accommodation and travel, and the website has provided useful hyperlinks that provides guidance and practical advice. They have even provided separate check-lists with different lead times, so you can use the different lists as your leaving date gets closer. 

We definitely think the best thing about using CommBank is how easy it is to actually get your bank details.  You don’t even need to have an Australian address to submit an application. The whole process only takes about 10 minutes online and the bank will issue you a BSB (equivalent to sort code) and account number via email. When you arrive to Australia, all you have to do is go into a nominated branch and collect your Debit card once you can provide proof of identification. It is literally that easy!  Here’s a great short video to give you a taste of the experience when you go into the branch to collect your debit card. 


CommBank has always been known for having an easy to use digital online banking and it’s no surprise that their award-winning app is used to access all your bank details, make payments and transfer funds. 


Oh, and did I mention that the CommBank has Australia’s most extensive branch and ATM network ? So you will always be able to find a bank, no matter where you are in Australia!


Go and check out their website  to be ready when you arrive!

And if you need any other tips (job, immigration, coaching), please get in touch with our team to receive help according to your needs.

Thanks to Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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