About the Australiance Team

Who are we?

We are an international professional team who all live or have lived Down Under. We have visited, settled and travelled in Australia and wish to share some of our experience with you to help you overcome the difficulties of settling in a foreign country. We pride ourselves on being smart Australian Insiderz willing to assist international professionals & entrepreneurs to be successful in Australia.

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New projects for the team

On 27th October 2016, Australiance launched the first edition of B2B Rocks in Sydney, a leading conference for B2B and SaaS Startups.

Australiance and Wombat Capital have hosted 8 editions of Startup&Angels in Sydney, one in Phnom Penh and one in Singapore. S&A is a networking event where startup founders meet business angels.

They speak about Australiance

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Our vision, mission and values

Australiance’s Vision (purpose of the company)

Enabling international professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams in Australia

Mission (long-term achievable and realistic objective of the company)

Becoming the number 1 service provider assisting international professionals and entrepreneurs in Australia

Values (how we, as a team, operate daily to achieve our mission)

  • We look for win-win outcome when connecting people
  • We create unique experiences
  • We act with integrity, respect, and honesty
  • We play as a team
  • We are agile and eager to learn and grow
  • We are entrepreneurs of the world
  • We have fun and make the most of each day
  • We make it happen and always give 100%

Here at Australiance, we seek to give a real added value by working on the domains we are the best at. Our goal is to give you all the reliable and complete information that you will need to succeed Down Under, which is why we always establish trustworthy relationships with our audience and partners.

By working with not-for-profit organisations such as Football United, Alliance Française de Sydney and the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we also aim at creating transparency in all that we do and to connect people with each other.

We believe that each journey in Australia is unique, and that by helping you connect with your peers in person or online you will get solutions that will make your experience in Australia the best time of your life.

Who does Australiance help?

Anyone abroad who wants to come to Australia to work or to expand his business and expatriates who already live here who need advice during their Australian journey as their project matures.

We intend to provide useful tips, guidance and special offers on our website.

We have partnered with over 30 Australian and international organisations, which we have personally experienced and trust to set up the 1st marketplace of services for newcomers in Australia.

Since 2010, we have assisted thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs in their project down under.

What is Australiance.com?

Australiance.com is your number 1 reference website for your expatriation or startup in Australia. Whether you wish to come and study, gain work experience, continue your career or set up an Australian company, our site will guide you according to your needs and plans. We will answer all your questions to ensure that your experience will as successful as best possible.

● Is my business idea suited for the Australian market?
● How do I find a part-time job or my dream job in Australia?
● How do I make the most of my one-year Working Holiday Visa?
● What steps should I take to ensure I have a valid visa?
● How can I improve my English quickly?
● What budget should I plan for living in Australia?
● How can I found/expand my company in Australia?

You can find answers to all your questions about Australia on our Guide and Blog sections or by directly contacting us. Australiance offers you the chance to learn more about Australia, including its history, geography and culture.

If you can’t find an answer to one of your questions or if you have a specific request, feel free to contact us.

Our offers

We offer free online information about Australia, but we also provide our community adapted and discounted services through partnerships with a broad range of Australian and international businesses, who share our values and visions.

We have personally handpicked our partners as we have used them ourselves and started a sustainable relationship based on trust.

Our services include:

● Strategy consulting for business and entrepreneurs
● Immigration and legal advice
● Business development
● Recruitment
● Accommodation
● Business English lessons
● Connecting students looking for an internship and companies
● Professional coaching for job seekers
● Medical insurance
● Promotion and organisation of networking/casual events
● Studies
● International travels
● And much more…

If you are a company or a university that wish to partner with us and feel like you can help our audience, feel free to contact us.

Australiance Team