Australiance Weekly News #6 [12/01/23]

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Startup Pitch & Investors Panel
Sydney Edition #22

We’re kicking off the year by gathering some of the industry’s most promising founders to pitch their ideas, and a panel of investors to share their expert insights and discuss the top trends in the 2023 startup ecosystem. 😎

Join us to get an in-depth look at how to accelerate the growth of your startup, witness live pitches from tomorrow’s disruptors, and hear from an experienced panel.

➡️ If you are a founder and would like to pitch at our event, please contact

➡️ If you want to join us as a sponsor, please send us an email to register your interest at

Meet Jean-Philippe - CEO & Co-founder of Starty

The New Member

We’re excited to introduce Jean-Philippe, CEO & Co-founder of Starty!

He joins the Startup&Angels Community to share his idea on how to turn an app idea into a business.

👉 About Starty:

Starty is an application that allows users to list the parties around them, according to a given date, time, and place. The app also makes it possible to create human links (meet people, find friends, etc.)

Users can also earn some pocket money thanks to paid evenings that individuals can organize.

Hot jobs offers

Hey there! Looking for a job change? Then look no further because we have ample opportunities waiting for you!

Check out some exciting job opportunities in the amazing city of #Sydney below! 💼 ✨ We are looking to fill up the following positions:

◽️ Software Developer Internship for Mail Services and Shipping Company

◽️ Project Management Internship for Startup Environment

◽️ Back-end Developer – Digital Health Solution based in Europe & Sydney

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