Aircall - Expansion in Asia Pacific

The cooperation between Australiance and Aircall focuses on recruiting talents and managing their Australian employment in Aircall’s new Sydney office. Australiance extends a helping hand to the global software company towards building a strong workforce in Australia and New Zealand.

COMPANY PROFILE: Series-C tech company with HQ in France and USA, USD 226M fundraised, 700+ employees.


An international company with no physical presence in the APAC region, seeking to scale in Australia by developing their Sales and Customer Support team.


Australiance recruited and payrolled their first employee in Australia (APAC Sales Executive) We became their exclusive Talent Partner, recruiting and hosting 10+ Account Executives, Sales Development Representatives, Customer Success Representatives and more in Australiance’s offices.


In June 2020, Aircall began with 1 employee and after almost one year in Australia their team increased to 17 employees. After this growth, Aircall was able to move into their new office in April 2021 and with the close of the year, they ended strongly with a team of 30 employees.

Now in 2022, the APAC region contributes to over 10% of their total turnover.

“We’re very happy to partner with Australiance and thankful for their efforts while we’re taking an aggressive growth plan in Australia”.

Fred Viet, Sales Director of Aircall ANZ.

“We are delighted to see how Aircall ANZ has transformed significantly in the past few months. It is a pleasure to work with them and be a part of their current success as a trusted and exclusive Talent Partner, we look forward to recruiting top talents for Aircall and helping them grow further”

Leo Denes, Founder of Australiance.

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