Australiance Talent Success Story:
From Idea to Driving Success in a New Market

Starting a business in Africa’s flourishing market demands strong support and expertise to navigate the ever-changing landscape. At Australiance, we are proud to have supported AUTO24.africa, currently the leading online marketplace for used cars across Africa, right from its day one. Our partnership as a Talent Partner involved guiding AUTO24.africa through every stage of their growth journey in the African market. Curious to learn more about how we have supported our partner to become the leading used car marketplace in Africa? Let’s delve into the full extent of our collaboration!

Company Profile

In 2016, two entrepreneurs from Australia had a groundbreaking business idea for a used car marketplace in Africa. Upon exploring the market and recognising its vast potential, they developed the concept and successfully pitched it to investors. Remarkably, in September 2022, they were able to secure funding backing from one of the biggest European motor vehicle manufacturing company, with access to the largest network of automotive platforms across 54 countries, offering them limitless growth opportunities. Since then, AUTO24.africa has been establishing its presence.  


Following a successful funding round with a global industry leader, AUTO24.africa aimed to kick start its operations in Africa, starting with Ivory Coast, before scaling to four additional countries. Establishing a solid foundation in Africa was a big challenge. The key to success was recruiting specialised talent in crucial areas such as senior management roles, marketing, sales, logistics, etc, tailored to the unique demands of each market.


Partnering with AUTO24.africa as their global talent partner, Australiance played a key role in fueling their African expansion. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we successfully identified and recruited over 40+ skilled local management professionals across five countries being Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Senegal, Morocco and South Africa. 

We supported them across various roles within AUTO24.africa, including General Manager, Finance Manager, Used Cars Sourcing and Reconditioning Managers, Sales Manager, Office Manager, Partnerships Manager, Marketing manager and more. For each position, we made certain that each role was filled by individuals who not only possessed the requisite expertise but also aligned with AUTO24.africa’s values and objectives.


As a result of our successful collaboration, AUTO24.africa has now emerged as a leading certified marketplace specialising in the buying, trading, and selling of used cars. Now with a strong presence across 5 African countries, AUTO24.africa offers a platform for individuals to connect and transact within the automotive industry.


Australiance stepped in as AUTO24.africa’s global talent partner, ensuring the recruitment of right qualified local management teams to drive our expansion in Africa.”

– Fred (CFO & Co-Founder of AUTO24.africa)

At Australiance Talent, we are not just your go-to for strategic talent acquisition, we are your Talent Partner in building your success! Whether your company is facing talent challenges, regardless of your industry or where your location is, we are here for you!

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