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Candidate Spotlight

An Outstanding Engineering Profile

We are glad to let you know that we are resuming our well known international internship programs! We have indeed outstanding engineering students looking for a 6 months full time opportunity. They are studying at Centrale Supelec a highly selective French Engineering school (ranked 16th best university in the world according to the Shanghai 2022), have experience in developing MVPs for major company/ institutions / start up using agile prototyping and SCRUM methodology, are fluent in English, and super enthusiast with the idea of working down under.

They are available from mid-February 2023 for up to 6 months:

With 5+ years of experience in this field, Australiance understands your needs and knows how to make it easy for you. We will:

  • Assist you selecting the right candidate for your project
  • Take care of all the admin: the intern will be on our books & we will manage all admin aspects (insurance, monthly allowance, admin with schools etc, etc)
  • Provide assistance regarding relocation
  • …So you can concentrate on growing your businesses.


Want to explore further? Do not hesitate to contact us via 

Startup&Angels Upcoming Event

Sydney Edition #22: Startup Pitch & Investors Panel

Are you ready to take your startup or business to the next level? Don’t miss out on our upcoming event where you’ll have the chance to connect with industry leaders, innovators, and successful entrepreneurs! 🚀

Early bird tickets are now on sale, grab yours before they’re gone and take advantage of the discounted price! 🎫

🗓Date: 2nd February, 2023

🕰 Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

📍Location: Level 6, Tank Stream Labs, Sydney Startup Hub, 31/11 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Startup&Angels Community News

Cheryl Mack, co-founder of Aussie Angels has received backing from prominent venture capital firms 

Cheryl Mack, founder of Aussie Angels has received backing from prominent venture capital firms 🙌

The company’s platform allows angel syndicates to invest in startups without incurring high overhead costs.

Read more about this article by clicking the link below! 

Welcome Dat Le - CEO & Co-founder of Kitchko to Startup&Angels community!

We’re excited to welcome Dat Le, CEO & Co-founder of Kitchko

👉 About Kitchko: An online marketplace connecting people to local home cooks who craft delicious and authentic cuisine. Their food-orientated platform is built to streamline the process for both chefs and hungry customers.

Hot jobs offers

Hey there! Looking for a job change? Then look no further because we have ample opportunities waiting for you!

Check out some exciting job opportunities in the amazing city of #Sydney below! 💼 ✨ We are looking to fill up the following positions:

◽️ Marketing and Sales Coordinator Intern 

◽️ Software Developer Internship for Mail Services and Shipping Company

◽️ Project Management Internship for Startup Environment


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